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Eid Getaway Places

Eid Getaway Places

Eid is the biggest religious festival in Bangladesh which also happens to be an occasion perfect for rekindling bonds with family and friends alike. Diving into the vicinity of nature or the adrenaline rush of sliding down a waterfall or hiking up a steep trail – any of these options might be exactly what you need after the arduous fasting you are about to put yourself through. Here’s a list of places you must not miss to travel to this Eid with your family and friends.



Sylhet is the best place to visit during the monsoon. You’ll get to visit the only freshwater swamp forest in our country ‘Ratargul’ Swamp Forest which also happens to be a terrain for a variety of creatures. It has its own attraction for tourists. You could also visit ‘Bisnakandi’ and ‘Jaflong’ arguably the greatest landscape beauties in Bangladesh amidst hills and tea gardens. Mostly a quarry ‘Bisnakandi’ is a village where the Khasi Mountains converge with dark clouds hanging around them along with the stream of a majestic waterfall.  For a comfortable place to retire in, there’s always Jovago, to help you find the best.



Gentle tides crashing down on the picturesque beach where you can just sink in the tranquility of the Mother Nature,  pretty much sums up the experience you’re going to get visiting the Kuakata sea beach. Gangamati Reserved Forest, an eco-forest lies in the proximity of the beach. After you are done with these places, you can also treat your eyes to the scenic beauty of ‘Fatrar Char’ and ‘Lebur Char’.


Sajek and Marissa Valley

Gazing at gorgeous hills hugging the white clouds, reminiscing the good old days with friends or family in a bamboo cottage and witnessing the sunrise and sunset from the peaks - ‘Sajek’ will be the epitome of your coveted chill trip. Just around the corner, you can also enjoy the ethnically aesthetic ‘Marissa Valley’.


Cox’s Bazar

World’s longest sea beach doesn’t need an introduction and neither do it needs me to speculate on its timeless beauty! you already know how perfect of an Eid getaway the place would be. While you are there, you could also visit the stone covered ‘Inani Beach’ and catch the blue tides of ‘Himchari Beach’ and in case you need to add more excitement to the trip, you could head on to ’Kana Raja’s Cave’.




Lush green hill tracks and waterfalls of Bandarban promise to leave you enthralled. Bandarban will provide everything you ever wanted in a trip! It is an amazing sanctuary called ‘Buddha Dhatu Jadi’, cloud hugging mountains of ‘Nilgiri’ and ‘Nilachal’, the adventurous ‘Keokradong’ Trek, and the list goes on.


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