Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

More than 2 crore clients have opened mobile banking accounts in Bangladesh, as Mobile banking accounts clock 3 crore transactions worth of around of Tk. 400 crore each day. Speakers on the first day of two-day long ‘Mobility Connect Forum’ shared these information last Monday in Dhaka.

The conference centered on exploration of how mobility solutions using mobile phones can change the customers’ lifestyle for the better. The conference organized by Mahindra Comviva – a leading organization on mobility solution, is showcasing present and innovative solutions for mobile service providers, mobile phone users and banks to ensure necessary services are provided with high standard.

The conference was inaugurated by Bangladesh Telecommunication and Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Chairman Sunil Kanti Bose. Mobility solutions, particularly mobile financial services, have brought astonishing changes for the people of this country. The Chairman assured with full support from BTRC to the service providers, a Digital Bangladesh can be implemented.

Shuvonkor Saha, Executive Director at Bangladesh, said in his speech as special guest, “Mobility solutions and service providers are playing a vital role in achieving the goal of Digital Bangladesh. 3 crore transactions, worth around Tk. 400 crore, on average every day are being performed through mobile banking.”

“These services are playing a vital role in improving the quality of life for their subscribers”, he added.

The Mahindra Comvivara Vice President and Head of the Asia-Pacific region Suresh Khosla and Bangladesh Country Manager Reyad Hasnain were also present in the conference. Delegates from various telecom operators, regulatory bodies, and banks are attending the conference.

The conference is showcasing various solutions for mobile money and payment, customer value management, mobile advertisements, data and enterprise mobility and managed services. The conference also presented several solutions to improve customer experience as the revenue collected from the telecom operators increases. The conference is also showcasing various disruptive technologies including wearable devices.

Mahindra Comviva has been working with the operators and their partners over the past few years. Revenue growth from these companies are among the major outcomes of the collaboration.

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